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    "Failed to map user to local user"

      Finally getting around to try and setup roles and such for my developers to create their own application packages.  But I'm having issues with the role I've created accessing the server, receiving the above error.


      The Role I've created is "IRR_DEV", I've setup what I hope is the auth's I'll need, but I don't think that's part of the issue.  For the "Agent ACL" tab for the role, I've selected the check box for "User must exist on the agent", with read/write, and the User Mapp set to map to:  irr.  This user does exist on the target system I'm testing with.


      exports:     rw     rw


      Relevant lines from Users:

      IRR_DEV:MLanghorst@OA.DOMAIN.COM                         rw,exists,map=irr


      If I attempt to access from the UI, or via NSH (I have a proxy configured, and my BL_RBAC_ROLE=IRR_DEV) I get errors saying it "Failed to map user to local user".  If I remove "exists" from the users entry, I can access the server successfully.  If I touch a file in /tmp it gets owned by the irr user as expected.  What am I doing wrong?  I do want the "must exist" flag set, but it's not working as expected.


      Oh, I'm currently on version 8.0sp5 on Solaris.