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    FIM Templates - Use and Best Practices

      I apologize in advance if this is an inane question - I've looked through the discussions and cannot find anything pertinent.


      We have the FIM templates, and I'm not sure of the best way to go about using them.  I got more or less thrust into this aspect of our Bladelogic implementation with no ramp-up time, and in all honestly am unfamiliar with most aspects of BL use, except for CIS & compliance (which was all I was initially supposed to be working on).  I now have these FIM templates and am expected to implement, but cannot find any documentation other than installation instructions.


      Can I ask those in the community who may be using this contrib content how you went about implementing, and are now using, the FIM templates?  I've gone through the component templates themselves, and I believe I understand how they function, but the practice of actually using them to monitor and ensure file integrety has got me a bit stumped.  If anyone has any documentation on this, I'm more than willing to RTFM; I just can't find any documentation to read. 


      Thank you in advance.



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