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    Unable to start the New BBSA v8.0 application



      I got the application server running on windows 2008and can connect to it from the management console.


      But there are some peculiar issues:


      • -          The app server only starts if I go through the Windows menu option Start – Programs – BMC Software – Bladelogic Server Automation Suite – Application Server.  If I try to start it from Control Panel – Administration Tools – Services, it times out.
      • -          The second issue is that even with it running, I cannot load the default “blcontent” to populate the initial environment.


      It seems that the _default configuration has the information that is configured through the Configuration Wizard, but _template does not. 


      Is there a way to run the configuration wizard from the menu option against _template?


      Have anyone seen this type of issue before?


      We are basically going to have 2 servers as application servers, in the v7 world, we did individual installations and simply replicated the data.  But the documentation is unclear because it does not speak to running the configuration wizard against _template, it specifies simply running the menu option which defaults to “default.”