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    Looking for patches

      When I've identified a new patch that needs to be added to the patch catalog. How can I determine what sub item I will find it?


      My catalog consists of:


      Windows 2008





      I need to add MS11-025 and its not in one of these three major catagories. Is there a cheat sheet somewhere where I can look up what other major component I need to add to the catalog?


      For example look at webpage xxx.com and you will see that MS11-025 is part of the DCOM compoents...


      I've looked at MS' website and didn't get any clues. There must be a BMC page or Shavlak page that I can look at to see how things are catagorized..


      Thanks in advance.

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          Bill Robinson

          there's a shavlik site that lists all the products covered but i don't believe that shows what patch is where.  this may be available in the patch metadata, since that's coming from shavlik but that would be on the patch itself so i'm not sure how useful it will be.


          most customers end up including all the filters in their catalogs...

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