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    BBSA 8.1 - Windows live browse hardware information missing

    Craig Dockter

      We're testing BBSA 8.1 SP2P5 64-bit app server on RHEL 5. One of the targets we're testing withis running RSCD 8.1 SP2P4 running on Windows 2003 SP2 32-bit.  Everything appears to be working normally except we do not have the 'Hardware Information' child in Live Browse.  The Hardware Information is showing when live browsing the app server itself.


      Some other things that may be pertinent.  The Windows target is a VM on VMWare ESX and the VMWare tools are running.  We're running the testing as BLAdmin with the BLAdmins role, so we should have all authorizations.


      I admit I'm not a Windows admin.  Is there some service that needs to be running to get the hardware information?  WMI is already running.