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    Wrong user/group in BLPackage

    R V

      We have a Depot file (/etc/hosts) which is deployed as BLPackage to a target server. This file is originally owned by root:root and so it was during our first hundrets of deploys on the target systems. Now for some reason it is deployed with the uid and gid of "bladmin", which of course only exists on the application server but not on the target server.


      We had a look into the corresponing BLPackage-files on the fileserver, i.e. 1.xml and bldeploy.xml. Both of them contain


      <Group>12345</Group> (where 12345 is the uid/gid of bladmin)


      My question - and the problem - is: why is bladmin used as owner/group? And - more important - how could we change this (without editing the xml-files, what probably won't be a good idea...)?


      Yes - we could use 'Ignore' in the appropriate fields of the BLPackage. But that is only a workaround and no real solution.


      Any ideas? Any experience with this? - Do you need more information?


      Ah, yes - we are on BL8.1.1, Linux