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    Setting property values at build time

      Does anyone have any best practices for setting configuration values to a server at build time.


      For example, based on the location, a server should have specific settings for Netbackup, or proxy, or DNS server.


      What is the best practice to set the values?



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          Daniel Tharby

          Hi Matt,


          For mulitple servers, if this is once a server has been provisioned from BladeLogic, then I would create an NSH script which you can include as part of a batch job that would update the server properties as you have mentioned.

          Prior to doing the update you would want to run an Update Server Properties jobs, make the updates and then run it again


          For a single run, then you can update the Server Properties tab in the Provision Tab with the correct information.



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            Bill Robinson

            The build time parameters – for things like DNS, NTP, etc can be parameterized in the system package but you will have to manually define the location.  If you are starting the provisioning job from the command line w/ the blcli, you would have more control over automagically determining the location.


            The general idea is that you create a custom property class that contains properties like ‘NTP_SERVER’, ‘DNS_SERVER’, etc.  then you create instances for each location and fill in the appropriate values.  Then you reference that instance and those property values to fill in the relevant ‘blanks’ in your system package, blpackages, etc.