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    Looking for basic instructions

      I want to stop using GPO's for some configuration items which of course means I need to be able to edit the registry.


      I've been trying to follow along in the training guide but have found it confusing.


      Is there any docs that any one can lead me to that will help me?


      I can figure out the keys I want to edit However, getting the job created, auditing, and changing keys all all relatively new to me.



      Thanks in advance.



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          Q&D:Live Browse to the key you want to change. Right click and to blpackage. It should be easy to see how to change values in there. You can right-click the word “blpackage” in there and add more assets (reg keys) the same way. Then save the blpackage and right click it and choose deploy. That creates your job. Choose some targets, save it, and execute.