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    OS Provisioning - Hostname/IP 2 Use Cases - Need advice / Best Practice

      Hi all -


      We are now building out BladeLogic Server Automation and we have two hostname/IP scenarios we need advice on best practices.


      Instead of templates, we are building our server via a bare metal method (deploying the OS on demand)


      1) When building a server, it appears that DNS entries must be setup prior to building the server, otherwise, the server can only be built using a fake alias or IP. Has anyone gotten this to work without putting the DNS entry in prior to building the server? We utilize DHCP to assign the original IP.


      2) Since we utilize DHCP, an IP is issued to the server during build time.

      However, this will not be the final IP of the server, since we have a bank of approximately 5 DHCP IPs (so we can build 5 servers at a time).  Once the build is mostly configured, we want to switch IPs from the temp DHCP to final IP. However, it looks like the only way to do that is to go through the DNS.


      Any suggestions or best practices on these?