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    Display refreshing after 10 minutes

      Within the Incident screen, you can click on the Display button (looks like a square with four different colored squares within it, with an down arrow to the right) on the top toolbar.  From here you can select to display all Active, Inactive, Closed, Open, etc issues and show them on the screen. 


      You can also set the refresh time and click Apply. No matter what we select though, the default view always comes back when we go to the main page and the changes we select are only temporary. 


      Is there a place to set this default view to remain in place?





        • 1. Display refreshing after 10 minutes

          Kevin, this sounds like a defect, as the functionality you described should work.  Do us a favor and log a case with BMC Support so we can track and resolve it with you in the best possible manner.  Contact information is in the 'help' section of Remedyforce at the top right of your page.  Thanks!


          STEVE HANSON