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    Patch downloader on repeaters

    Santhosh Justin



      Can i configure Patch download jobs on a repeater using online patching mode?



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          What do  you want to achieve ?




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            Santhosh Justin

            Hi Rohit


            I have one repeater accross a wan link. 2 mbps. The main application server and repeater both have internet connection. WHen i create a patch catolog, and when i download, It uses the internet connection on the appserver and downloads the patch to the datastore. but the targets i need to deploy them on are sitting across the wan link.


            So instead of pushing the patch through the wan link is there a way we can download the patches at the repeater?

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              Hi Santhosh,


              There are potentially many ways you can get BladeLoic to work for  you.

              The repeater functionality of staging indirect has been provided for  the WAN use case.

              I will recommend , to download all patches centrally on appserver only,

              for all your deploy jobs use Repeaters- stage indirect, Set repeaters rule accordinlgy.

              The patches will be published to the repeaters server once in a lifetime and any further deployments will fetch this from the repeater only, so actually you are not pushing the patch through the WAN once it has been staged at repeater for future use.


              Let me know if you think its good enough for you, or else we can discuss other options.




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                Santhosh Justin

                Thanks rohit can you explain what is staging indirect? I think it will be good to have it staged on the repeater is there any guide you can send or pointers to configure it?


                i would also like to hear what other options we have . because the whole design is weighted on this particular aspect

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                  Check Bladelogic User guide

                  Administrative tools -> Configuring Servers to use repeaters during deployments.

                  Software and Blpackage deploy jobs - Creating a deploy job -> Phase Selection

                  Patch Management-> Patch remediaiton


                  Staging indirect is nothing but to make use of repeaters,

                  The first time you run the patch deploy  job it gets the patches pushed to the REPEATER specified for these target(s) in the repeaters rule you configure. The patch payload then remains and lives on the REPEATER, any future deployments for target(s) using the same repeater will get payload from the repeaters , avoding WAN link traffic.

                  Go through the user guide and you will be able to understand what I mean.


                  The other options include ->

                  Using Agnet mount mechanism, where you set your catalog with a NFS/SMB URL and all patches (depot items) point to that URL. At runtime during the Deployment, the target agent mounts the patch directly from this  location.

                  This way you can use a Property for the URL which can be set to local network location, so that each target in different wans locate the patch from its nearest local location.

                  You should make sure that all the patches downloaded should be avalaible in these locations. Thsi can be achieved  by syncing or similar mechanisms.

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                    Santhosh Justin

                    Hi Rohit


                    thanks for reply,


                    How ever it seems that we can do indirect stanging when we are doing manual patching, I found that the files are only soft linkeed to the payload folder so your second suggession is more practical where agent is mouted using a custom property which sounds good. Can you give more details on that ? do you have any documentation that you can share?

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                      The Indirect Staging can also be used for auto-remediation.

                      You can set up all deploy jobs in the remediaiton options. which includes this setting as well.

                      I dont have anything ready to share with you right now, I am finding one, i will let you know about the same.