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    Scripted changes to Deploy Job are not saved

      Hi All,


      I'm using Blade Logic


      I'm writing a Jython script to change the link of a deploy Job to a different package.


      I'm using the unreleased command DeployJob : setDepotObjectKey


      The script does not give an error, but the Deploy Job stays with the old BLPackage linked.


      To debug this problem, I changed the script to just change the name of the job.

      I can see it works in the script output.

      (see script and results below)


      However, the Deploy Job won't change its name.


      Am I missing a "commit" command to save changes? or a database lock?





      The code is:

      newJobID = runBlcliCmd('DeployJob','getDBKeyByGroupAndName',['/RND/Tests', 'Test_Deploy_Job']).returnValue
      print newJobID
      print jli.run(['DeployJob', 'getName']).returnValue
      print jli.run(['DeployJob', 'setName', 'Hello World']).returnValue
      print jli.run(['DeployJob', 'getName']).returnValue


      The output is:


      " -- INFO: BLCLI ARGS - ['DeployJob', 'getDBKeyByGroupAndName', '/RND/Tests/Eyal/Package_Creation', 'Test_Deploy_Job']
      Hello World
      Exit Code 0
      The job 'Create TinyOBS Deploy Process' has succeeded