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    Where to find Compliance Content



      I'm interested in finding out where to go on this site to see a complete list of all compliance content available for BBSA. I'm not necessarily interested in downloading them from the EPD just yet. I cant seem to find a location where people can discover what BMC has to offer and for customers to keep track of their updates.


      I'm particularly interested in these:


      CIS for Windows 2003

      CIS for Windows 2008

      CIS for RH Linux

      CIS for Vmware ESX

      CIS for Oracle

      CIS for SQL


      Can anyone help me track these down? If I look at the Compliance content getting started guide I can get info on the 1st 3 in my list, however there is nothing regarding the others.


      Thanks in advance



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          I would look at the read me for the the contrib, these are additoanl complaince packages that can be found in the communitites website area. If you go to the top of the BMC Bladelogic Server Automation community you can find the link to the contrib area on the upper left hand side, look for


          BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Contrib Content


          There are two zip files one is documentation and the other are the actual packages.

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            Arent these community developed compliance templates?


            also, these are wildly out of date so I assume they are not being maintained. The Oracle template only covers 10g which is no longer supported by the vendor, and the same can be said for vmware v3!


            Where could I find updated versions of these, e.g. Oracle 11g, vmware 4.x?

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              Bill Robinson

              Some of the contrib content will be updated and productized in 8.2, I would talk to your BMC account manager to see if you can talk to our Product Managment team about the content roadmap and voice any concerns you have about it.

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