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    Failed to install BMC Atrium Core 7.6.04 SP2




      Does anyone encountered below message while doing installation :-



      BMC Atrium Core 7-6-04-SP2 Error.JPG


      I encountered that error message while i try to install BMC Atrium Core 7.6.04 SP2 and i successfully installed BMC Atrium Core 7.6.04.


      Anyone can advise me. It appreciated.



      Thank you.

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          Daniel Hudsky

          Yes, this is a message we've added to prevent users to repeat a failed install without taking corrective action.

          You must investigate why the first installation failed and then correct that condition before redoing that install again. Basically, if you just run the installer again, then you're overwriting the captured information in the log or pushing that info back in time. The atriumcore_install_log.txt should have details on the failures Scan it for exitCode= entries. You can skip exitCode=0 or exitCode=10. Those are ok. Any other return value is is not good. If you find such entry, then look at the lines above it to see which command resulted in the bad exit code value.


          This log can be captured with the AtriumCoreMaintenanceTool and sent to BMC Support for specific cause of failure analysis.

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            Hi dhudsky,



            I've captured the log would like to pass to you to verify.


            Any idea how can i send to you.




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              Daniel Hudsky



              please submit an issue with our support group and attach the logs to the ticket. We'll be more than happy to asisst you with resolving the trouble.



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                Please check SHARE:Application_Properties form Atrium Core Web Services Registry related record and ensure the Version and Patch number over there.


                If that entry is not there in that form then we can conclude that the prior installation was not properly completed for this Atrium Core component. If this component is not being used before then you can try running the Uninstaller for Atrium Core and select only this component to uninstall. This will clear the prior installation error traces from DB.


                Now either run the Base Atrium Core installer and select this component alone and after that you can try Patch installation. Hope it helps.




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                  Daniel Hudsky



                  if the WS00C04FA081BAGJfqSAn7d21ApFsB and WS00C04FA081BAmpfqSAR7F41At1sB ApplicationId's were not there then the installer would not have detected it as Failed. The problem is that it had failed before and the records are there with a Failed state.

                  That's how we know that the previous attempt has failed and so we prevent the administrative person from repeating the install over again.


                  We had added measures into the installer to prevent users repeating installs over and over. It becomes a problem when we're trying to determine the cause of the failure. Especially when customers delete their install logs in order to "do it again". AtriumCore is a delicate data structure where a simple mistake can cascade further into a snow ball of errors. Preventing that cascade effect and fix the original cause can save lots of time and effort before it becomes un-repairable.

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                    I faced a similar issue for Atrium Core 7.6.03 Patch installation 001 and interestingly i checked Share:Application_Properties and could not find the entries. Then i conclude that there might be possibility that a trace could have been in DB and tried that uninstall option. Then i tried Patch installation 001 and it was successful.



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                      As also pointed by dhudskyas well you should first see the installation logs to find out the reason of the failure.The error which you are getting definately means that you have records with value as FAILED in SHARE:Application_properties form.Basically you need to do 2 steps:

                      First identify the reason why the installation was failed and fix it. Second delete the failed record/entry from SHARE:Application_properties form and then perform re-install.

                      The failure could be due to many reasons among which one is if you have the CMDB application reserved (In dev studio) by someone [Good part is that installation logs will provide such details ].



                      Bhupendra Rajpurohit

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                        Hello Melissa,


                        Did you ever solve this issue? I've had the same problem since installing ARS 7.6.04 SP2 - it appears to be an underlying connectivity issue. BMC Tech Support have so far been unable to come up with a solution.





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                          Hi Martin,


                          I managed to solve this problem by BMC support team. If i not mistaken you getting this error because the Atrium Installation is corrupted. hence, you need to reinstall ARS Installation (dont need to uninstall and install). then backup the ARS installation DB copy. Install AtriumCore only without web services installation and backup the DB. Then install AtriumCore Web Services installation. Recommended: if to install 2 Tomcat if plan to install everything in one machine.


                          Hope it help.



                          Thank you.

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                            Stefan Hall

                            I'll summarize the steps briefly.


                            1. SHARE:Application_Properties form:

                            delete entries with application ID as WS00C04FA081BAmpfqSAR7F41At1sB and WS00C04FA081BAGJfqSAn7d21ApFsB


                            2. AtriumCoreInstalledConfiguration.xml file:

                            check for WSC and WSI related entries and delete


                            3. check for wsc folder in atrium core installation directory and delete it


                            Now the installer can't find an old reference anymore and you can re-/install the atrium webservices.

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