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    Package properties



      in my MSI packages I would like to use some package properties in "Install Command" (e.g. Name or Type)

      Is it possible  ???




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          Yes, there are various options available:-


          1. Without using properties , You can use out of  the box MSI installation/uninstallation parameters ( in 8.1, you can add custom MSI parameters)
          2. Second, is you can use properties, you will see a drop down at end of install command text box, which lets you properties, they will appear as ??<property name .. ?? form. You can make use of Target properties here as well or properties of the MSI depot software item.
          3. The last, and the one which I will personally use. Add MSI, create a Blpackage from this MSI. In the blpackage, you can edit the install and undo command. You can add local properties to this blpckage and use the same in install/command. Or  you can use target properties etc.  You can also create local properties whose value can  be set to instances of custom property classes and so on.

          It really depends on what do you want to do .



          Hope this helps.




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            Rohit, thanks for your reply.


            The problem, that I have is that I MUST use the MSI package type and I want to have access to the properties of my package in the the "Install Command". In the drop down I see properties but NOT package properties !



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              What do you mean by Package properties here ? ,  the Bladelogic properties ?

              Have you added properties to the depot software item type MSI ?

              And if you use BLPACKAGE, it will always be based on your MSI only.

              YOu need to first add your MSI as an MSI Object into depot and then create a Blpackage from it.

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                I don't want to use BLPACKAGE. I must use MSI package type (!!!) and  I mean the properties of MSI package (e.g standard properties: Name or Date_Created or User_Modified)


                I added (defined) some custom properties and I want to have access to custom and also to standard  properties of "my" MSI package in the commands that I use in "Install Command" of this MSI package.


                In the drop down of  "Install Command" there are NO properties of MSI package !

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                  Bill Robinson

                  can you show some screenshots of what you see and what you want to see?

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                    I thought I'll get here the list with msi package properties but I didn't ...

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                      Bill Robinson

                      and what properties are you trying to use in the install command?

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                        my custom properties, e.g. something like reboot-type ...

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                          Bill Robinson

                          What class did you create the custom properties in ?