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    Contrib Content Installation

      From what I get out of the install doc, it seems I should be able to install the Contrib Content from a remote host that has the UI console installed.  However I've had issues in the past with it, and I update it so rarely it's like a new issue every time.


      The appserver is configured to use AD/Kerberos authentication, and from my Linux client both NSH and the UI console use this successfully.  I've downloaded the contrib content and expanded it on my local workstation.  Then I attempt to run it with the following command:


      nsh -c load-config-objects.nsh -v defaultProfile -r BLAdmins


      Which gives me the following output:

      ** Due to the length of path names that BladeLogic

      assigns remediation packages, etc, when unzipping

      the content, unzip to a directory as near the root as possible (/tmp).


      ** Counting files in the installer.....

      ** Found :      120

      ** Expected :      120


      ** Pre-Install check completed successfully! **


      Using 'defaultProfile' as authentication profile.

      Authorizing the blcli credentials

      find_appserver_home:11: command not found: blasadmin

      find_appserver_home:12: command not found: blasadmin

      Extended Objects will be copied to ///extended_objects


      The installer then loads a menu for which portion of the content you wish to install.  Due to the errors above, it attempts to install the extendedObjects to ///extended_objects.  What am I doing wrong here that it's not getting this information back from the app server?