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    BLCLI Logs

    Bob Bailey

      After running a blcli command that runs a job against a server (red2), where would I go in red2 server to view any log information?  I've gone to the log subdirectories under RSCD and also the one under RSCD/Transaction and can't find very meaningful information.




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          Bill Robinson

          It depends on the type of job – for anything other than deploy jobs you should look in the gui, in the job run history of the job.  for deploy there’s a log left in the Transactions/log directory on the agent.  for the other jobs you’ll see whatever is run against the agent in the rscd.log but that may not be as meaningful as what’s shows in the gui.

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            Bob Bailey

            Thanks Bill for the helpful info.  By the way, is the information in the GUI job log replicated in any other log you would find in the directory system or is it unique to the GUI?

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              Bill Robinson

              The logs in the gui are in the db.  some of that would be in the appserver log, though that can be difficult to sort out of you have lots of jobs running.

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                Bob Bailey

                Fantastic!  Always look forward to your feedback.  Great information that would have taken me a day to find elsewhere if at all.  Thanks again Bill.