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    Endpoints are unable to send inventory data to the Report Center

    Omkar Karavade
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      Hi All,


      We are depoying BBCA 8.2 tuners on the systems. The tuner is getting deployed successfully but we are not able to get the inventory data for some systems in the Report Center. We are deploying the tuners on WinXP and Win2003 servers as well. The systems for which we are not getting the data are also from the same catagory.


      We have checked the logs on the systems and found a common error in the inventory logs which I am pasting below. Also the INVTREE file is not getting generated. The WMI service is running on the system and we are able to run WMI queries remotely. We are able to do the telnet to the master transmitter as well as the repeaters from these systems. Also all other systems are reporting properly in the report center.


      Does anybody has any idea on this??


      Thanks in advance.



      [24/Sep/2011:13:05:01 +0530] - info manpan 6117 channel version: 8.2.00

      [24/Sep/2011:13:05:01 +0530] - info manpan 6041 Channel start type: regular

      [24/Sep/2011:13:05:01 +0530] - info manpan 6000 Starting inventory scan

      #Winscan: # winscan 8.2.00

      #[24/Sep/2011:13:05:10 +0530]

      #java.lang.IllegalStateException: Called on destroyed object

      #          at com.marimba.tools.sysconfig.wmi.WmiResultSet.getValue(WmiResultSet.java:69)

      #          at com.marimba.apps.inventory.scanner.WMIWin32SerialPort.isVproEnabled(WMIWin32SerialPort.java:56)

      #          at com.marimba.apps.inventory.scanner.ScanEngine.vproScan(ScanEngine.java:1777)

      #          at com.marimba.apps.inventory.scanner.ScanEngine.scan(ScanEngine.java:196)

      #          at com.marimba.apps.inventory.scanner.Scanner.scan(Scanner.java:1353)

      #          at com.marimba.apps.inventory.scanner.Scanner.start(Scanner.java:384)

      #          at com.marimba.apps.inventory.scanner.Scanner.access$000(Scanner.java:63)

      #          at com.marimba.apps.inventory.scanner.Scanner$StartThread.run(Scanner.java:2317)

      [24/Sep/2011:13:05:10 +0530] - info manpan 1152 Channel instance stopped