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    bmisolaris fails to return a callback to the application server



      I have been facing an issue with Solaris provisioning.


      Build -  Release 8.1 SP2

      Application Server on Solaris 10 Sparc


      When the provisioning job is fired the target server is successfully provisioned with Solaris 10 Sparc, but the job is at the 6/7 stage in the Console.


      On the Target server - the bmisolaris returns a error "Could not connect to blademetal server"


      The port 9831 is open on the firewall and I had made changes in the sslConnection.xml in .../br.../..../services directory


      I am able to ping the application server from the target server and also able to telnet the application server on port 9831.


      Need some clue here as to why the bmi is not able to respond back...