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    AIX provisioning - custom bosinst data file

      Hi all, quick question,


      I configured AIX provision job with all the related settings,


      configured the Provisioning Configuration as following



      System Package type: AIX 6.1

      SPOT name: spot1


      Mksysb Name: mksysb_customer_6100_0504

      bosinst source: mksysb



      the Provision Job fails on step 5/10 with following error



      Error    Sep 21, 2011 4:26:29 PM    0042-001 nim: processing error encountered on "master":

         0042-001 m_bos_inst: processing error encountered on "master":

         0042-175 c_ch_nfsexp: An unexpected result was returned by the

              "/usr/sbin/exportfs" command:

              exportfs: /export/nim/BladeLogic/FE-41-DD-70-BF-0C/bosinst_data not found in /etc/exports


      Error    Sep 21, 2011 4:26:30 PM    bosinst operation script failed


      The AIX admin here tells me that Blade is trying to generate a default bosinst_data file which is generic, but he has a custom bosinst file configured on the NIM server with custom parameters. Is there a way to select a custom bosinst file (the way you can select a custom SPOT, lpp, mksys files in Provisioning Configuration screen).


      The Provisioning COnfiguration screen only has a drop down for bosinst source (see screenshot), there is no way to select a custom bosinst file. The only thing I see is optional bosinst attributes, but no options to  physically select another bosinst file from the NIM server.