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    Tracing Remedy

    Isaac Medina

      Has anyone attempted to capture log and perform analysis on Remedy ITSM?


      I would be interested to hear from experiences and maybe guidance of what to do.


        • 1. Tracing Remedy

          Hello Isaac,


          Yes, this has been done several times already.  In some cases a System and Code RPR (line level tracing) were used to troubleshoot Remedy ITSM crashes at customer sites.  In most cases we were able to troubleshoot the issue and find out what the problem was. 


          You could start by doing a basic recording of Remedy AR using the Black Box using the template RPR provided by BMC AppSight.  This template RPR is called "Remedy AR.rpr" and can be found on any machine where the Black Box is installed or BMC AppSight Console.  You can find this RPR in "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\BMC AppSight\AppSight for Windows\Data\RPR".


          If you want to do a basic recording of aruser.exe then simply use "Server Troubleshoot.rpr" as a starting point.  Using BMC Appsight System Console you can modify the Server Troubleshoot.rpr to include your ITSM client and any operations you are interested in seeing.





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