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    Agent installation failing

      Could someone give me a brief overview of the process steps when provisioning a server and ticking the install agent option.

      The server is provisioning fine creates an entry under "Servers" but there is no installation of agent occuring.


      Our server is provisioned using DHCP so the Server Object fails its DNS check, in 7.6 this was fine and I have a post-provisioning package that works around this to install various other packages before changing the servers IP to its production IP address.

      I'm wondering if this is a problem in 8.1 or if I should be looking elsewhere to solve this issue.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Are you sure that the agent is not getting installed ? Have you checked locally on the box to see the same ?

          Which Os is this ?

          There are some things you need to take care of :-


          • What is the status of the Provisioning job ? What does the job log says ? If agent is not installed, the provisioning job will timeout as it waits for the agent to come and respond, in such a case no Server object should be visible in 'Servers' view/tab.
          • The provisioning job has been setup to install agent ( a tick box in the Prov JOb wizard to do this).
          • For the above to work, the datastore should have been setup properly with the Agent rscd installer with proper silent installation file in place.
          • Have you checked the provisioning logs created at the box ? There are logs created at the provisioned machine depending on the OS you are talking about
          • Many a times, if the identity of the agent host is lost somehow,  ( some post install package to re-cofngiure things), the temporaray initial license of  the rscd agent is lost and due to which the commissioning of the agent fails.


          Hope this helps.




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            Bill Robinson

            what does the workaround package do?


            the agent install happens before the PPBJ, is there anything in the /root/blprov.log (or something like that) on the target after the build ?


            the agent install should work regardless of the dns status of the system.

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              Hemal Shah

              Can you confirm, whether

              the agent is not getting installed


              is the server not getting updated in the UI.


              You can check for /root/blprov file as Bill mentioned.

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                Hi all,


                Thanks for the responses and pointing me at logs in /root, there was no blprov.log but the http.log gave me the answer.

                I made a change to my PXESTORE structure and hadn't replicated it to the PXE server in question.

                It does beg another question though:

                Q: Is the rscd agent location embedded into the system package at the time of its creation?


                I seems it must be as the package I create before the change still used the old path and succeeded.

                (I'm using the Provisioing Manager Configuration-->System packages settings and they have all been changed to the new location).



                Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.



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                  Bill Robinson

                  The rscd location should be set on the fly when you create the prov job.  so if you re-run the same prov job, I think it won’t get the new location.  The new prov job should pick it up from the os definitions.

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                    Hmm that’s not what I’m seeing in testing.


                    I might investigate it a bit later on.