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    AIX patching - missing XML file

      Hi all, I'm trying to setup an AIX patch catalog and update it from the AIX patch repository, so far I completed these steps


      1. downloaded patch download utility (aix_downloader.sh), configured related xml file

      2. pulled down AIX patches to the AIX NIM server thats used as a repository (patches are in this location: /export/bmc/patches)

      3. created the Update List, added it to Depot

      4. configured Global patchign Config Parameters in BBSA console

      5. created a new AIX patch catalog with following settings


      Payload Source Location = /export/bmc/patches/metadata  (this metadata directory is empty, not sure what this path should be)

      Repository Location = /export/bmc/patches

      Network URL type for Payload Deployment = copy to agent at staging

      Network URL for Payload Deployment = NIM Server IP/export/bmc/patches


      added filters to filter by Service pack version


      when running a Catalog Update job, I get this error,


      Warning    Sep 16, 2011 12:31:39 PM    Update repository xml not found: /export/bmc/patches/metadata/LATEST_Latest_V610006_V610006.xml

      Warning    Sep 16, 2011 12:31:39 PM    No valid aix updates found after updating the metadata. Please Check the Filters specified



      its looking for this XML file thats not there, does anyone know where this XML file is generated or is supposed to come from? I dont see this file anywhere on the NIM server.  Am I missing a step somewhere?



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          Please make a note -for a succesfull AIX patch catalog, one of the two conditions should be met:-

          1. Either the source location should be AIX box.

          2. Or the destination repository location should be AIX box.


          Seems like you have downloaded the patches using the AIX download utility on different box and then copied all patches to your NIM Server

          The Payload source location  - should point to the patches location, in your case /export/bmc/patches. Try setting it to this.

          The XML which is it failing to find is the XML that identifies this location as a valid AIX repostory. 

          Can you provide the following information:-


          1. How did you run the downloader utiltiy ? on an AIX box or non-AIX box ? What was the structure the utility created after download on that box, was there a metadata directory or any XML files ?

          2 Can you provide the exact configuration of your catalog , which filters have you added. the XML file it looks for depends on the filters, the exact AIX TL/ML level etc ?


          let me know, and I should be able to help you.




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            Hi Rohit, thanks for the help, we are running all patch downloads on NIM server and are keeping them there so the repo is all AIX.


            I deleted the patches from the NIM, re-adjusted the config XML file, and ran the patch downloader again, this time it downloaded all the patches from IBM site, as well as populated the metadata folder with proper XML files (last time it left the metadata folder empty)


            Now when I run the Update Catalog job, it updates it successffully. I had to rerun the process, for some reason that metadata wasnt getting filled the 1st time.