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    validation for BL Package contents on the target server

      The BL package contains 1000s of files and has to be pushed to 100s of target servers (destination). Using BL Server console 8.0.6.

      How can I confirm that all the 1000 files got pushed to all the 100 servers. ? Is there an (easy) validation ? Doing a checksum validation for these many files, will be painful. How do customers satisfy that all the files got to all the target servers ? appreciate any suggestions on this.

        • 1. validation for BL Package contents on the target server

          There are a number of ways this could be done here's two that sprang to mind.


          The safest is a checksum of each file.

          Are all the files located in the same directory or in a tarball or zip file?

          If so you could perform a 'du' and check the size of the directory or compressed file (not perfect but should at least show if any files were missed or partially copied).


          Another way could be to create an audit job to check for these files, then you could use the remediation rules to deploy the package as well.

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