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    How to monitor on a tracking tool the execution of BL jobs



      We are designing a tool to track the status of the servers during the different phases of a process:


      Example of process:

      1. Stop the Application
      2. Backup
      3. Install the Patches
      4. Reboot
      5. Start the Application


      We would like to execute the different steps of this process with BladeLogic jobs on a group of servers.

      This process (with sequential tasks)  must work in parallel on all the servers.


      After each step (1,2,3,4 and 5) a “signal” must be sent to a “Tracking Monitoring Tool” in order to display the current status of each server.


      The “Tracking Monitoring Tool” should display something like that:

      (The processes for the servers A, B, C and D are started at the same time and are running in parallel)



      server A----app:stopped------backup:running-----patches:waiting------reboot:yes

      server B----app:running-------backup:waiting-----patches:waiting------reboot:no

      server C----app:stopped------backup:done--------patches:no---------reboot:done

      server D----app:running------backup:done--------patches:done---------reboot:done


      (status real-time)


      On the display of this tool, we would like to follow the steps of the process for each server individually.


      Do you have some ideas on the possible solutions?


      Thanks a lot,