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    Definition of Availability Agreements

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      Dear gurus,


      I need to create some Agreements that measure availability of application services (i.e. the SLA is that Flexcube should be 99% available on a daily basis). The BMC solution installed includes the following components BPPM 8.6.02, CMDB 7.6.04  and SLM 7.6.04.


      Based on my understanding for SLAs that concern availability we need to define a DataSource for Availability Service Targets in order to retrieve the Up and Down statuses of the application service from ProactiveNet. Is it correct, or do I need to define Performance and Monitoring Data Sources?


      Has anyone performed such a configuration? What is the proper configuration of such a data source?



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          Hello Alex,


          With the assumption that BPPM is currently monitoring Flexcube, you can create a service target to monitoring the BPPM availability metric and subsequently associate that service target to an agreement to calculate the daily compliance. You'll need to make sure the necessary SLM components (Collector and Collection Point) are installed and configured. Check out the section "Configuring the Collector module" in the SLM Configuration Guide for a good overview of the components and the SLM Installation Guide for information on installing these components, if they aren't already installed. The Collector requires an application server and the Collection Point is normally installed relatively near the data source (e.g. BPPM).


          Hope this helps you out,


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            Hello Gary,


            Thanks for your prompt reply.


            The process described by the Installation and Configuration guide is clear for the creation of collection nodes and collection points. It is not clear though the way that a service target can make use of this configuration.


            After the installation and configuration of the collection points and nodes should I configure a datasource in order to use it in the Service Target configuration? If yes, what is the value that I should fill in the “Data Source/ App Form” and “Data SourceType”?


            Thanks a lot

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              Hello Alex,


              I understand what you are asking and no, the data source has already been configured (if you open the App Admin Console and view the SLM Data Sources you'll see the "SLM_Performance Monitoring Data Source" is configured).


              Once you have properly configured the Collector and Collection Point to communicate with BPPM, you can then create a service target using this data source by selecting "SLM Performance Monitoring Data Source" in the Applies To dropdown menu and "Application Availability" as the Goal Type. Select the "Define" button for Key Performance Indicators then in the Collection Node dropdown menu you should be able to select the Collection Node associated to the BPPM data source. Just click the "Discover KPIs" button and it will provide the metric landscape for BPPM.



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                Hello Gary,


                Thanks a lot for your valuable help. It is our first BMC configuration and some times documentation is not really helpful.

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                  Hi Gary,


                  I am back again .


                  I followed your suggestions by using the “SLM Performance Monitoring Data Source” in the Applies To dropdown menu and "Application Availability" as the Goal Type. The KPIs returned concern only devices and applications but not services. In order to have services as KPIs, as I read from the documentation, I need to configure a service impact Collection Node and in the Applies To dropdown menu to select “SLM Service Impact Data Source” and the respective Service Impact (i.e. SIM) GoalType.


                  The thing is that we are using BPPM 8.6.02 where the SIM is not in the picture anymore. Do you know how can I address this problem?


                  Alternatively, I could select all the KPIs related to the service that I want to monitor (i.e. KPI for server A, KPI for server B etc) in order to calculate the availability, but this is not best practice since the impact relation is already configured in ProactiveNet.


                  I hope that the above explanation is clear.



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                    Hello Alex,


                    The latest versions of BPPM have retired the SIM user interface however the SIM cell is still in the picture and this is what SLM needs to communicate with in order to receive availability of services (as calculated by SIM). You'd need to make sure that SIM is configured and service models are defined as I believe it is an optional component. Similar to the way you defined the ProactiveNet server as a Collection Node you'll do the same for the SIM cell. You can use the same Collection Point for both BPPM and the SIM cell depending on the amount of objects being monitored and the polling frequency or you can easily install a second Collection Point and dedicate one to BPPM and the other to SIM.


                    As for the best method to determine availability, it all depends on how you define something as being "available". I agree with you the pulling availability from SIM is probably the best way to go however some like to use synthetic or real transaction data to ensure that an end user transaction can be performed. Again, your definition of availability will all depends on your business needs.