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    Incident Management - View Service Request not opening Service Request

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      When I open Incident ticket using Remedy User Tool, and click on Advanced Functions >> View Service Request, it opens the Service Request without any issues.


      However, if same incident ticket is opened using web browser (midtier), it opens the incident ticket. but when clicked on Advanced Functions >> View Service Request, I am getting below error message.




      This is only a server I have configured on the midtier. As I am able to open home page and other remedy forms from mid tier, the server is configured successfully.


      The Environment details are as follows -


      AR Server - version 7.5


      Jdk 1.6_19

      MidTier - 7.6 patch 004

      Apache Tomcat - 5.5.28

      IIS version -6.0

      SRM - 7.6 patch 001

      Incident Management 7.6 patch 001



      Please suggest your views/solutions for the above problem. Also let me know incase any addional information is required.