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    Compliance scan job fails on AIX box


      I encountered a problem with one server where it discovered properly however compliance scan job throws this error.


      Error Sep 9, 2011 5:41:39 AM com.bladelogic.app.collector.AssetCollectionException: find: bad status-- /var/VRTSccs/conf/VRTShal

      (component=Target Compliance Policy - AIX (et***17), selector=Extended Object:BL-LXO Unauthorized World-Writable Files Exclude Var Tmp)


      Now, i'm working with Unix team as updated that file system data inconsistency and need to run fsck on /var.

      Please help me in understanding why Bladelogic is using this directory in running this scan. Appreciate this forum for quick answers !!!

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          Bill Robinson

          that Extended Object (BL-LXO Unauthorized World-Writeable Files) is a shell script that runs the unix 'find' command.  when find was running, it got an error on that file/directory (/var/VRTSccs/conf/VRTShal) so the job failed.


          it's scanning this directory because that is the purpose of the EO - to find all world writeable files on the file system.