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    LAST_UPDATED_DATE Server Property

      Does anyone have any info they can share on the use of the LAST_UPDATED_DATE Server property? When does the property get updated, and what updates it?


      I am currently in the middle of creating a nsh script that will decomission servers. The script is intended to decomission servers that are in a Smart Group I have created using the following Smart Group condition:


      "Any server where LAST_UPDATED_DATE is older than 30 days"


      I just want to make sure I am using the correct server property for this task. My goal is to decomission any servers that BL has not spoken to in over 30 days.


      Any info anyone can share would be greatly appreciated.

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          This property specify the last update of the server properties. So anytime you verify the server or you an Update Server Properties Job runs on the server object, the current date will be set.


          Be aware that LAST_UPDATED_DATE Property is also updated if the server wasn't reachable!


          I'm not sure what you mean with all servers that BladeLogic didn't speak to the last 30 days, but if you intend to delete all servers which were not reachable the last 30 days I'd recommend using the AGENT_STATUS property.

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            Thank you for your reply.


            I am not 100% sure if that is exactly the case. In my BladeLogic environment I am showing many servers that have the LAST_UPDATED_DATE property date going back more than 30 days, and we have a update server properties job that runs nightly targeting all servers via the All Servers smart group. Wouldn't those servers I mentioned above show a current date if the properties job ran?


            I know when the update server properties job runs the DATE_MODIFIED property value changes, but I do not see this happening for the LAST_UPDATED_DATE property for those servers that are not reachable.

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              Below is a image of what I mean from my reply above. The image below shows a server that has the LAST_UPDATED_DATE going back to 2010, while the DATE_MODIFIED shows todays date. This makes me believe that the properties job modifies only the DATE_MODIFIED property if it is unreachable, and not the LAST_UPDATED_DATE. I am thinking that for only those servers that are reachable, the LASTE_UPDATED_DATE gets modifeid, but I am not 100% sure.


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                I can't confirm that behaviour. In our environment both properties get updated, even if the agent is not reachable. We're on 8.1 SP2.


                Sorry, maybe somebody else can clearify this.

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                  Doing a little more digging into this, and it appears it only depends on how the update server status job is run. Our Update Server Status job is run via a nsh script that runs the blcli updateServerStatus command from the Utility namespace.According to BMC documentation on this command it can be run in one of 2 modes:


                  "The command has two different modes of operation. It can update all properties on the agent or update the agent status only. If only the agent status property should be updated, the command does not go through the Application Server. Instead, it uses the NSH agentinfo command to update the AGENT_STATUS property. If all properties should be updated, the command goes through the Application Server to obtain updated information about the specified servers."


                  Our job runs through the appserver to obtain all the info. When the job runs, the DATE_MODIFIED property gets updated, but the LAST_UPDATED_DATE appears not to be.

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                    Bill Robinson

                    it might make more sense to look at the server activity and see if any jobs, other than the site-wide maintenance jobs (like the USP) have run in the past X days.  there is some blcli for the ServerActivity namespace that can pull this, but probably in the unreleased commands.


                    in the gui you can see this in the 'Server Activity' tab of a server live browse.