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    Need to query VM name for a specific UUID in BBSA

      A colleague of mine needs to query a SmartGroup in BBSA to return the VM name for servers when he provides the UUID of the VMware VM. He is using Atrium Orchestrator to make the BLCLI call. Unfortunately, I don't have access to BBSA at the moment and I am trying to remember this stuff from memory (and even more, from searching on this site). I believe the command should be:


      blcli_execute SmartServerGroup listServersInGroup "/Servers/All Servers" "For server with uuid ????????-????-????-????-????????????" "VIRTUALIZATION*.VIRTUAL_ENTITY_ID" "equals" "????????-????-????-????-????????????"


      but I am not sure. Not by a long shot.


      Regardless, can anyone here provide the BLCLI command that he would need to invoke from BMC AO?


      Thanks in advance!