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    Smart Group for Missing patches

      Hello all,


      I have a set of three patches to install. How do I create a smart group that contains all of the servers missing those patches?


      Windows servers BTW



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          Bill Robinson

          You should create a Patch Analysis Job that targets your servers, that will tell you what servers are missing the patches and you can deploy the patch from there.  You can analyze for just those three patches using the include feature in the PAJ.  This won’t result in a smart group of the servers but you will have a list of the servers that need to be patched that you can then act on.

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            I've done this.


            Is there a way to see the results ina table view so that I can add/remove attribute columns of the results?


            I see there is a way to export the list of results but then I would have to manually find and add the attributes of the results that I was looking for. This is why I was looking for a smartgroup. I can do all this in a smartgroup easily.


            In addition, when the smartgroup was empty, I would know that I was complete.It woudl also be easy for managemet to know the current number of systems left.



            Thansk again for your attention.

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              You could use a Compliance rule that checked for these patches it would allow remediation easily to.

              Of course it won't show you a dynamic list though.

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                Bill Robinson

                What are you trying to add to the results ?


                do you have the reporting product (bdssa) in the environment ?