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    Linux Suse64 Bit / AFT Account Creation Error

      Hi All,


      I am trying to create AFT account on CCM screen. But when I click the TEST button I get same error.
      Have you any idea for that how I can solve this problem?





      Validation failed 
      Validation Account ftpUserVBT Failed.

      Host 1 validation failed:
      Unable to acquire the password for user controlm !!!.
      This machine implements password shadowing.
      Shadow passwords are readable by the
      root user only.
      To check the local account try to take the following steps:
        1) Log in as root and change directory to Control-M/Agent user home directory.
         2) Run 'source .cshrc' or '. .profile' .
        3) Run 'ctmaftacc' and try to validate the account.