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    Agent Upgrades - RSCDSvc.exe locked

    Jim Campbell

      Has anyone occurred a situation in upgrading RSCD agents in which the rscdsvc.exe file becomes locked?  In testing I have found that on our physical servers (HP Proliants) that have the Proliant Support Pack installed this file is locked.  It is NOT locked on any other server (virtuals, or physicals that do not have this software installed).  The file is locked such that I can't delete it in any way except by killing the svchost process that contains the event viewer service.  The upgrade process fails on these and leaves the agent in a corrupt state where there is no Bladelogic RSCD service.


      This occurs both using a silent install and attempting to upgrade manually.  If i log on and attempt to upgrade the agent manually, i'm given the option to reboot afterwards and it says that it needs to reboot because the rscdsvc.exe file is locked.