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    compliance Rule

      I want to be able to check The C drive Capacity, memory size and number of cpu's using compliance rule. Can this be achieved?

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          Do you mean something like this?

          I used "Hardware Information" and created rules that compare actual values to minimum requirements, for example:

          "Hardware Information.Processor:/Hardware/Processors/CPU0"."Speed (in MHz)" > 1,000

          check system.jpg

          If this is not what you meant, pls explain some more.




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            Hi Ofer


            What I am trying to achieve is to check that 41 VM servers each have the same number of CPU's ie 1cpu, the same amount of memory ie 4GB, the same size c drive ie 40Gb.


            When I tried to use hardware parts information ie


            Hardware Information.Logical Storage device/Hardware/StorageDevices/LogicalStorageDevices/C:""Capacity (inKB)" equals      xxxxxxxxxxx


            I kept getting the message that the part information could not give this information, however I changed the operator to "between" (xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx) it then worked for both c drive capacity and memory size (ie by not specifying a precise size).


            I have not yet found a way to check the number of CPU.s


            Can you help with this?

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              Ah solved it.


              The problem was that the parts when entered was not being saved. After correcting this the rules all worked.

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                Great - good news. Do you still need help with number of CPUs?

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                  I have 2 suggestions for you:


                  1. Use rule-based compliance:

                  here is a rule that counts the number of CPUs, and compare it to 1, as you requested:

                  "Hardware Information.Processor:/Hardware/Processors/*" count equals 1


                  The rule is built of:


                  • asset type (Hardware Information.Processor)
                  • path + wild card that gets all the assets of that type in that path (/Hardware/Processors/*)
                  • Logical condition (count equals 1)


                  2. Audit based compliance

                  Since you want to check 41 identical VMs, why not keep one of them as a master (golden copy) and compare it to the others using the audit feature?


                  Hope this helps,


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                    Bill Robinson

                    if you setup the bbsa virtualization management for the esx server(s) hosting these VMs, i believe you could also snapshot/audit/compliance the configurations from that side as well.

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