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    Large Package Deploys

    Jim Campbell

      As a part of our Windows server provisioning process we've started installing database clients for all of the database servers we use.  In all we are pushing 3 clients with a total installer size of 4.5GB.  We use the same post-provisioning batch job for all servers within an OS (i.e. one for 2k3, one for 2k8/2k8r2) and we're trying to retain that.  We've been able to use autoremediation for everything else but we're having a few problems now that we've added the step of installing these large clients.  We're having storage issues given that the files are copied for each autoremediation package and this both has increased our storage usage and sometimes causes the blpackage creation process to fail (presumably because copying such large files fails on occasion).


      Are there any other good solutions for this?  I've tried using an nsh script to push the installer files into place as a replacement for the compliance engine (since typically for this process the autoremediation criteria are fairly simple and can be easily replicated with blcli calls).  This also seems to fail on occasion with a number of 'SSL_WRITE' errors.  I'm not sure a file deploy would be more stable and I don't know if there is any way to get it to do what we need (usually parameterize the OS and OS_PLATFORM for the deployment).