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    RSCD Silent Upgrade - Keeps popping for instructions



      I am working on Silent upgrade of RSCD agent from 7.6 to 8.1


      I created a silent installation file (81-SP2-WIN32.iss) as below on a test machine


      RSCD81-SP2-WIN32.exe -a -r -f1C:\81-SP2-WIN32.iss


      Copied the RSCD installation (RSCD81-SP2-WIN32.exe ) and newly created iss file (81-SP2-WIN32.iss) in C:\tmp folder on ServerA


      Then selected the folder C:\tmp by live browsing the ServerA and deployed it on to a target server where 7.6 agent is already running, in deploy job I am using the following in post command


      "C:\Program Files\BMC BladeLogic\RSC\agentctl" -b exec C:\tmp\RSCD81-SP2-WIN32.exe -a -r -f1C:\tmp\81-SP2-WIN32.iss


      When I execute the job the RSCD installation and iss file get copied and installation starts but it prompts me for manual instructions to continue with installation.




      I tried to create the silent file couple of times, but facing the same problem.


      Please let me know if I am missing something for this upgrade.