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    Using the Property Dictionary - BL 8.0 (Error)

      I'm almost sure I have one of the settings wrong, but have not been able to find which one. I looked through the userguide but had no luck. I'm trying to add entries for the property dictionary so that parameter values for one of the scripts come from there. I have already created local properties and set the "Type:" as Property Class (This is a Custom Class).


      In the textbox, I have tried the following two:


      Selecting NSH Script Parameter from the Built In Property Classes


      And also tried to select the Subclass where my properties are located.


      In both cases, I get the following error when trying to reference the properties:



      Property 'RBAC_authProfile' does not exist for objects of type 'Deployed Package'. 


      Does anyone know how I can go about this?


      Thank you,