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    AIX Patch Catalog



      I'm running BBSA 8.1 and am having some difficulty with setting up an AIX patch catalog.   While creating the depot object "Patch Catalog"  I get to step 2 then it give me an error saying "No Filters added in catalog".  This is confusing since I have not yet set up a catalog (this is what I'm trying to accomplish).


      I'm pretty new with BBSA, and so far I have set up the following;


      1.  Downloaded the aix_downloader.sh script

      2.  Configured the config xml file;

























      3.  Downloaded the update  file.

      4.  Downloaded patches based on the config xml file filters (payload)

      4.  Configured the global patch configuration using the update file.

      5.  Tried to configure patch catalog;  (this is where I get the error)

                 Payload Source Location:  Location on NIM servers that I downloaded the patches via aix_downloader.sh

                     Repository Location:  Location on NIM server that I want the patch catalog to be created in. (empty)



      I'm sure that I'm doing something wrong.  I just can't tell what it is as I have looked over the documentation multiple times with no avail.   I was hoping someone here could give me a point in the right direction.


        • 1. AIX Patch Catalog

          It appears that while using the BMC Bladelogic Service Automation Console for windows.  The Patch Catalog Step 2 does not expand on the screen showing *all* of the entries that are available.   When I pull the bottom of the window it expands giving me the needed "Filters" section that I need.