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    VM Cloning Using Bladelogic



      I wanted to know if I can do any type of VM cloning (Hot\Cold) using Bladelogic. My Environment is


      BL 8.0 SP10 on Windows 2003 R2

      vCenter 4.1 on Windows 2003 R2


      Right now I am using this setup to provision Virtual machines using VGP templates, but I wanted to know if I can clone an existing Virtual machine.


      I had a look a Bladelogic 8.0 user guide for cloning and I found the following "Adding a Virtual Machine based on an existing Virtual Machine"


      here the steps mentioned are as below


      1)Expand the VMware Virtual Center server object type and then expand the Virtual Machines node.

      2)Browse to an individual Virtual Machine, for example VirtualMachineX.

      3)Right-click VirtualMachineX and select Add To Depot As => BLPackage.

      4)Customize the new BLpackage

      5)Deply the BLPackage using vCenter aas Target.


      The above did not worked for me, I will try it once again.


      But in the meantime if any one of you have tried this then please let me know whether what I am doing is correct to clone a VM and can I do a hot clone in similar way ?





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          Afzal Shaikh

          Santosh, this is not the right way to do a cloning of a VM, with this a new bare metal VM will get created without the OS on it. There is  a way you can clone the VM from existing VM but I am not sure whether it is there in 8.0 SP10.


          Steps to do.


          1)      Go to the depot workspace and try to create a VGP of type VMware ,  inside that type second of “creating VM form template/VM” and select the particular VM you want to clone.


          2)      If you want to make some customization related to sys-prep make it in VGP else give the new VM name and save the VGP


          3)      Create a VG job from job workspace and run the job again the host or the Cluster.



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            Hi Afzal,


            Thanks man.


            I checked the VGP package creation and "VM form template/VM" option is not there in BL 8.0 SP 10


            Was looking to get this work in BL 8.0 SP 10.





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              Bill Robinson

              When you create a new VGP there should be an option to create it from a template.  Do you not see that?  can you post a screenshot of what you are trying to do ?

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                Hi Bill,


                I can create a VGP package from a VM template and provision a VM, this works fine and there is no problem.


                But I want to clone a existing Virtual Machine in Virtual Center and this I cannot do in BL 8.0.


                When creating new VGP Package in BL 8.0 I get two options for VGP Type as below


                1)VMware Virtual Machine

                2)VMware Virtual Machine Template


                Using the first one I can do a bare Metal VM provisioning and using the second option can create a VM from template, but if I want to clone a existing virtual machine (Not a template) to new VM i dont see any option.


                In BL 8.1 we have that option I reckon because while creating VGP package, the VGP Type options are different to BL 8.0 as shown below


                1)VMware Virtual Machine

                2)VMware Virtual Machine\Template Clone


                So the second option I think I can clone an existing VM and create a new one in BL 8.1


                But I am looking for cloning in BL 8.0 sp10 which is my environment, so wanted to know if this has been done by someone.





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                  Bill Robinson

                  If it’s not listed in 8.0SP10 but is listed in 8.1, then the ability to clone was likely added in 8.1.  check the release notes or ‘what’s new in this release’ to see if that was added in 8.1.

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                    Hi Bill,


                    I tested Hot cloning of a existing VM on BL 8.1 environment and cloning works (This functionality is OOB in 8.1).


                    But my clients environment is BLS 8.0 SP10 and I wanted to know if there is a way I can get this cloning work in 8.0, if anyone has done this with BL 8.0 then let me know.





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                      This feature was added only in 8.1. I don't think it's going to be possible to do this in 8.0.x. You'll need to go the power cli and nsh scripts route if you have to do this via BL 8.0. But that would completely bypass BBSA's solution and directly call VMware web services.

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