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    VGP Customization Problem



      I am provisioning Win2k8 R2 through VGP and facing problem with Customization.


      The VGP Job executes and new VM is provisioned from the template, but when I logon to the VM and check the customization has not happened and the Hostname NAME, SID etc has not changed.


      I have other VGP templates which  work perfectly, but I am facing problem with Win2k8 R2 VGP.


      I logged to vCenter and Manually deployed the VM from the same Win2k8 R2 template and customization works for the VM created through manual process. The Hostname is changed and new sid is generated.


      I recreated the VGP package with the template and tested the provisioning but facing the same problem !


      My Environment is as below


      BBSA on Windows 2003 R2, VMware vCenter 4.0


      Any help or guidance in resolving this issue will be appreciated.





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          Was your VM sysprep'ed before it was converted to the template?

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            Hi Scott,


            Yes the VM is syspreped and converted to template, when I deploy a VM using the same template via vCenter customization works, but when I create the VM through VGP job via BBSA customization does not happen.





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              Check the unattend.xml file - make sure your settings are actually reaching that file

              should be c:\windows\system32\sysprep\unattend.xml


              I seem to remember another post on communities regarding this same issue.  Have you searched around?

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                Hi Scott,


                I could not find unattend.xml file in the provisioned server, and I also had a quick look on to discussion before posting this issue.


                In My environment the VM's are not managed by Bladelogic only VC is managed and Bladelogic is used for VM provisioning.





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                  So just to clarify how this should all work (as I understand it at least)


                  The VGP is just passing API calls to VC to customise the template, so frankly VC is doing most of the work.  If you can not find an unattend.xml, then something strange is going on there.  I would check that the template itself is indeed sysprep'ed and that if you deployed from template within VC itself, that it actually works.  This will at least prove the problem is not on the VC side.

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                    BL 8.0 SP3 (the one that you're on) does not support this. Windows 2008 R2 Guest Customization was supported only post 8.0 SP4. You may refer the Tech Bulletin of 8.0 SP4 for the same.

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                      Hi Scott,


                      Thanks you, as I mentioned earlier I have already tested the VM deploy from a template on VC and it is working as expected i.e. new deployed VM is customized. The problem is only when I try to provision it through VGP from BL the customization was not working.


                      Hi Umar,


                      Thanks man for clarifying the version issue, I suspected this. I will check the same templates in test environment where BL version is upgraded.





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                        Hi Santosh,


                        you should take a look into the logs on the vCenter server and look out for errors. Logfiles which might help you are





                        If you find any error like "No Group 1" in your log files, you might run into the same problem I had. If you set an administrator password in the VGP, you should not use something like $1, $2 or anything else in it. It will cause this error and will not sysprep your virtual guest. This case is already filed as an defect at BMC and should be fixed soon.


                        Maybe this helps you.

                        No Group 1No Group 1No Group 1
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                          Hi Santosh,


                          its so late to reply on this, but from my understanding, the problem is with your VM template only. You have created a new VM, converted into a template and use that template for creation of virtual guest package for VM provisioning. While creating a VGP package you must have checked Customize OS option for customization (Hostname/SID) etc.


                          But for availing customization features (Customize OS), you should have installed VM Tools on a VM which later you will convert into a template.


                          So follow steps as,

                          1. Create VM

                          2. Install VM Tools on it.

                          3. Convert it into a template.

                          4. Create VGPackage

                          4. Create VG Job.


                                      Please clear me if my understanding is wrong.