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    Change Tracking Scripts 2.0.0 not working



      I'm trying to setup a simple job using the Change Tracking Scripts as downloaded from here on the communities. We already have this setup and working in one instance, but I was trying to setup another job as an example to audit changes in a linux /etc/hosts file. I used the existing job as a basis for my new one, and apart from different parameters for the paths and the component template being used the setup is the same.


      I ran the job through once, and then made a change the /etc/hosts file on the machine I'm testing against and then re-ran the job, however, even though I'm deliberately changing the file in between runs no differences are being shown. It looks like the snapshot which is being used for the audit is the most recent one which is created at the beginning of the change tracking nsh script job run, and then it compares that against the component so there are no differences.I expected it to compare the current server config with the snapshot taken from the previous run rather than the snapshot that was just taken as part of the current run.