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    Portal Datastore silent installation job not getting completed

    Gaurav Thakur

      Hello All,


      I am tryning to run a BLDeploy job to install Portal datastore but I am seeing this warning on target server's rscd.log .It looks like copying of files is not taking place on target server.Can someone help??



      08/04/11 11:03:04.627 INFO1    rscd - 4556 BladeLogicRSCD@STBAL704->Administrator@STBAL704:PrivilegeMapped (BLAdmins:Gaurav): CM: > [Deploy] Copying '//' to '//'

      08/04/11 11:09:40.568 WARN     rscd -  STBAL704 2448 SYSTEM (???): ???: Main: Wait Timeout. Starting AgentHouseKeeping.