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    Can I use data from an extended object as a reference in compliance rule parts such as 'filesystem'

    Chad Johnson

      I have an extended object which gathers home directory information for our UNIX hosts from Active Directory.  The output of the extended object is a colon delimited list of "username:/home/directory".  This is split, on the colon, in the EO into two fields.


      What I want to do is use the home directory information in teh extended object as the data source to loop through and for each home directory look into the file system on the target for the existance of particular files under the home directory.


      I don't know if this is possible but I want to create a Compliance rule similar to this:


        foreach "Extended Object Entry:Active Directory User Home Directories//*"

           "file:/"."Value1 as String (All OS)" exists



      I realize I cannot connect items as shown above, the example above is to demonstrate the idea.  Any way I can do something like this?


      About the only other way I could find was to add the file in the home directory, along with all the information I need about it, to the EO but that's a LOT of stuff on a single line command in the EO setup.