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    AR System - HTTP Integration Part I (inbound)

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      Out of the box, BMC Remedy AR System has a capability to support integration with external application using web service. This is a good feature since web service is a de facto standard for many systems. Most of well known application has capability to support web service operations. Therefore, an external application can create, modify, or query entries in Remedy.


      But sometimes, the story doesn’t go so well. We might face some condition where we must integrate a legacy third party application with Remedy AR System. The problem is that the application can only support integration via plain HTTP request (GET or POST). Although web service is actually a plain HTTP request as well, but without web service support, the developer of the application must manually parse the XML returned from Remedy web service which sometimes that’s not an easy task to persuade the developer of the application to do that.


      I did face this exact problem. Then I developed a simple Java Servlet application that acts as an interface for the third party application to Remedy AR System. Realizing that this simple Java Servlet application can be potentially reused in the similar integration project, I refine and package it into an easy-to-be-deployed file and add some basic features (Create, Modify, and Get operation) as well.


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