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      Maximum Password Age


      maximum password age is set at 60 days and I want to remediate to 30 days.


      using OOTB remediation package CIS1.1.2  set at 60 days but amended by me to 30 days.


      I created a job using the above package and it ran successfully Simulate Stage Commit all green ticks, however it did not alter the servers setting to 30 days.


      The only possible problem I can find is that the log after saying successfully applied states          Unrecognized option:-UnregAllCOM


      Can anyone help?

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          That error message has to do with the “register COM objects” option in your job. You can ignore that. Is this system part of a domain? If so, the Domain could be enforcing the policy.

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            Hi Adam




            Domain policy does govern the policy but the GPO update is run every 90

            minutes therefore for testing purposes I should be able to remediate it

            as required and at least see the result before GPO is automatically





            I will have to change the GPO for permanent change but all I am trying

            to do is test that the  remediation packages work.





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              Policy is enforced until that policy is changed, so one is not allowed to change a setting that is enforced by policy until that policy is changed by an update.