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    Issue with SLES 11 Provisioning - init script that is autogenerated faulty

      This is a continuation of my last post on SLES 11 provisioning.


      I believe we may have uncovered a product issue with SLES 11 provisioning but wanted to put it in front of the community to make sure there isnt something we are missing.


      The Problem:

      When the provisioning job has finished the OS install and configuration it proceeds to create and execute the post.sh script which can be found in the AutoYAST file. This script basically moves bmilinux.tar to the target and extracts it. It then creates an init script which performs the callback to the application server. The callback is intended to inform the app server that the server is finished (it may do other things to that I am not aware of.... any input on this would be nice)


      The issue is that it executes the init script on shutdown with improper run levels and when it tries to call back to the application server the network cards have already been shut down. This causes it to generate an error specifying that the network is unreachable and it stays in this loop until power down.


      Is there anything we are doing wrong or missing?


      I am going to paste the lines from the AutoYAST file that was autocreated by BBSA 8.1


      The Automatically created AutoYAST file





                          cd /root; wget -nc -v -a /root/http.log http://??DATA_STORE_IP??/??DATA_STORE.VIRTUAL_DIR??/bmilinux.tar;

                          tar -xvf bmilinux.tar;

                          chmod +x bmilinux;

                          echo "### BEGIN INIT INFO" > /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "# Provides: bmilinux" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "# Required-Start:" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "# Required-Stop:" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "# Default-Start: 3 5" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "# Default-Stop: 0 1 2 6" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "# Description: Start bmilinux" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "### END INIT INFO" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "let cnt=1 " > /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "while [ \$cnt != 10 ]" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "do" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "sleep 10" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/root;" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "cd /root; ./bmilinux PROV_SOCKET_APP_SERVER_IP 9831 ??MAC_ADDRESS??" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo " if [ \$? == "1" ] " >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "then" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "break" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "fi" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "let cnt=\$cnt+1" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "done" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "rm -f /root/bmilinux" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "rm -f /root/bmilinux.tar" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "rm -f /root/libblssl.so.0.9.8" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "rm -f /root/libblcrypto.so.0.9.8" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "rm -f /root/random.byt" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "insserv -r /etc/init.d/S91Provscript" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          echo "rm -f /etc/init.d/S91Provscript" >> /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          chmod +x /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;

                          insserv /etc/init.d/S91Provscript;]]></source>