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    Automated package creation: remove a directory first

    Steven Wyns

      Hi, we have an automated package creation solution running. This works fine in most cases. Sometimes it happens that in a certain directory (containing install scripts and other files used by the installation framework) certain files are deleted because the do not need to be processed. But the way the package is designed now the old file still resides in the directory and keeps on being used.


      Contents of blpackage

      -> Template part imported via component template (framework files)

           -> /data/sdconfig/packagename/pre-install.pl

           -> /data/sdconfig/packagename/install.pl

           -> /data/sdconfig/packagename/permissions.new

      -> Execution pre-install.pl

      -> Template part imported via component template (package data)

           -> files that make up the package

      -> Execution apply_permissions.pl using permissions.new

      -> Execution install.pl

      -> Write signature


      If they don't want to overrule the default permissions they do not include permissions.new and the apply permissions script doesn't process the file.


      To make this work we need to add a "delete" step in the beginning of the package to remove the directory with the framework files. From the cli docs I don't seem to find a command to add a delete action to a package. (except for editing bldelploy.xml tough :s)


      an external command to delete the contents of the folder is an option, but the rollback doesn't put the files back then.