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    System:System in users.local


      I have a question regarding the user.local file.  Currently we are running BL7.4.4 and looking to upgrade to BL8.1 SP1.


      We had an issue with the the command "blcli Delete cleanupAgent" having the error message "No authorization to access host".  Following a quick view of the forum we found to get the command to work we needed to add System:System      rw,map=root to the users.local file.


      However there is a last comment from Bil Robinson stating the following :


      6. 05-May-2009 08:15 (in response to wrodina)

      Re: Permissions for blcli "Delete cleanupAgent" command?

      you can create a deploy job to push out a new users.local file...


      also, i think you should open a ticket w/ support about this, i do not think this is how the command should work, but i may be incorrect.


      What I wish to know is do we still need have this system:system entry in the users.local file in the new version of BL.  I am currently tasked with making sure our security files are maintained ready for the upgrade thus if there is an entry there is no longer required we will remove it.