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    Help with blquery config_record_number

      Hi I am looking for help with the blquery config_record_number command. the issue is when I run it against the /etc/oratab file I always get a return value of -1 when I try running it against /etc/passwd for example I do get the correct number of records though I can't see why I get a -1 for /etc/oratab.


      The server I am trying to run it against should return 3 records and it does show said records when I check the config file in configuration manager.


      The command I am running is:


      $ blquery -h hostname -e 'config_record_number ("/etc/oratab")'



      Any help would be appreciated

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          Wenchi Liao

          Is /etc/oratab in the index file? In the scripts directory where the grammar files are stored, there is an index file that maps file to grammar. If a file is not mapped correctly in the index file, config_record_number() will return a -1. I think oratab is not listed by default.


          OTOH, oratab is fairly easy to parse with "awk -F:".

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