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    Setting Notification on Deploy Job within Patch Analysis Job



      I needed some help on setting notification for the Batc\deploy jobs created via Patch Analysis Job during auto remediation. My environment is integrated with AO.


      I am creating a Patch analysis job through blcli and then I am setting auto remediation options, schedule and notification on the new patch analysis job. For deploy job which will be created during auto remediation I am assigning the properties of an existing deploy job.


      When I execute the PAJ through blcli it runs successfully i.e. it does the analysis, generates a report, creates Patch remediation batch\deploy jobs and sends a snmp trap to AO that the Patch Anlysis job is successfull.


      This does not tell me whether the batch\deploy jobs which have been created are executed successfully (i.e patches have been deployed successfully), I want to set email notifications on the batch\deploy job which should send the notification to the user with the actual deploy result. The email id of the user is dynamic (will be different for different servers) and this will be provided during the creation of the Patch Analysis Job.


      I know I can search the newly created batch\deploy jobs and set the notification after they are executed, but I wanted to know is there a way I can set the email notifications options for these Batch\Deploy jobs which are created during auto remediation and before execution of these jobs?





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          Bill Robinson

          you might be able to set this on the deploy jobs, if you use the blcli to create the paj w/ a template deploy job that has the remediations set.  i don't think there's a way to do this w/ the batch job though.  sounds like a good rfe though.

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            Thanks Bill.


            I know I can set the properties of an existing template deploy job on the remediation jobs created via PAJ using blcli and I am doing the same, but the notifications on the template job will be fixed and the same will apply to newly created deploy remediation jobs.


            But In my case the notfication information is dynamic and will be passed on to BBSA while the PAJ is getting created via blcli. I can set the notification with this information on the newly created PAJ but not on the deployment jobs that will be created during auto remediation. Auto remediation jobs will pick the properties from the deployment template which has a fixed notification and PAJ notification will not tell me whether the patches have been deployed successfully.


            So I am working on other way to accomplish this, i.e set a snmp notification on the deployment template which will send a trap to AO about deploy job status and AO in turn will send email notification to user regarding the status.





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              Bill Robinson

              the only way i would think you can do this is to create the job, then go back and set the notification option.

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                Question regarding this topic.


                we are running a Patch Analysis job on targets with Auto-Rem enabled,

                our Patch Analysis job has notifications setup so the users are getting emailed when job success/failure


                but I cant figure out how to get the Auto-Rem Batch job to email out success/failure. It has blank settings in notification tab,




                the included Patch deploy jobs do not have a notification tab available at all,




                individual deploy jobs inside the batch job do have notifications setup, but users never get any emails regarding the deploy job status, they only get emails based on that initial patch analysis job and thats it.




                I didnt see any option for notifications in the Deploy Job settings (on the remediation tab of the P.Analysis job)



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                  Bill Robinson

                  there is not a way to set the generated batch job notification options.